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When the time comes to restore your smile, it is important to visit the dentist for a professional treatment. Our dentist can assess any possible dental damage that you have and provide the necessary repairs to damaged teeth. It is essential that you repair damaged teeth as soon as possible so that you avoid further dental damage

Some common dental restorations that Dr. Lien Ngo may recommend include:

– Dental crowns: Also known as caps, dental crowns are used when there are large amounts of decay or damage. They can improve a tooth’s aesthetics and provide protection against further damage.
– Dental fillings: These restorations are typically used for small amounts of decay. They provide advanced durability and can be made of materials that match your natural tooth color.
– Dental veneers: If you are looking to enhance a tooth’s appearance and function, dental veneers are a great choice. Not only do they conceal blemishes but they protect the front of your teeth from further discoloration or damage.
– Teeth whitening: For patients with severe dental stains or discolorations, teeth whitening treatments have proven to whiten teeth up to several shades at one time. These treatments can be a highly effective cosmetic restoration.

If you need to improve the appearance of health of your teeth, come visit our dental office in West Sacramento, California, for treatment recommendations. Dentistry Today would love to assist you. For a detailed examination to determine which treatments are right for you, you can set up an appointment with Dr. Lien Ngo by calling us at 916-372-7022.