The Causes of Halitosis

Do you have bad breath? If you aren’t sure, floss your teeth. If your floss stinks, chances are that your breath does, too. It’s perfectly normal to have bad breath or halitosis from time to time. It can be caused by your diet, or by tobacco use and by alcohol... Read more »

Jumpstart Your Spring With Dental Floss

Part of the foundation of a sound oral health care routine needs to be effective daily flossing. Dental floss is important for cleaning your teeth since it can clean areas between teeth that your brush may not be able to reach. It is important to determine what type of floss... Read more »

Tartar: The Yellow Cement on Neglected Teeth

Tartar, or dental calculus, can be a real problem to take off the teeth. In fact, no amount of toothbrushing and flossing you do at home can completely remove it once it has formed. It is truly like a yellow cement that only a dental professional using special tools can... Read more »

The Shadow of Gum Disease

Do you know how to spot gum disease? Are you familiar with the symptoms to watch for when it comes to gum disease? If not, then we have good news for you! Our dental team and our dentist, Dr. Lien Ngo at Dentistry Today in West Sacramento, California, is happy... Read more »

Dental Checkups Are Critical for Maintaining a Healthy Mouth

Here at Dentistry Today we recognize that a healthy mouth is important for maintaining a high quality of life. Discomfort caused by cavities, gum disease and other oral health conditions can be a nuisance and can potentially lead to worsening complications. Early detection and possible prevention are critical for improving... Read more »

Achieve a Spring-Ready Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening

With spring ready to greet us next month, now is the time to schedule your routine dental visit for a teeth cleaning and consider any additional dental treatments you have been considering to improve the appearance of your smile. We invite you to consider professional teeth whitening to brighten your... Read more »

Provide Your Smile Extra Support With Tooth Restorations

When the time comes to restore your smile, it is important to visit the dentist for a professional treatment. Our dentist can assess any possible dental damage that you have and provide the necessary repairs to damaged teeth. It is essential that you repair damaged teeth as soon as possible... Read more »

A Minor Cavity Might Be Treated With a Simple Dental Filling

If you don’t practice good oral hygiene and see your dentist for your regular appointments, decay can develop in your teeth. This is even more likely to occur in textured or contoured areas of a tooth that traps minute bacterial deposits. Early signs that a cavity has started to affect... Read more »

Dental Sealants Can Aid in Preventing Cavities

The American Dental Association recommends that you brush your teeth each morning and night, as well as make an active effort to floss your teeth at least once each day. This includes flossing behind the rear molars as well as along the gumline.  This simple oral hygiene regimen is necessary... Read more »

A Small Cavity Might Be Repaired with a Simple Dental Filling

Dental caries is a term used to describe an area of tooth enamel that has been demineralized by plaque acids or the pervasive activity of oral bacteria. More commonly known as cavities, these small areas of tooth decay need to be treated as soon as possible, by a dentist like... Read more »