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Here at Dentistry Today we recognize that a healthy mouth is important for maintaining a high quality of life. Discomfort caused by cavities, gum disease and other oral health conditions can be a nuisance and can potentially lead to worsening complications.

Early detection and possible prevention are critical for improving treatment options. This is part of the reason why the American Dental Association recommends having a regularly scheduled dental checkup performed by a dentist like Dr. Lien Ngo every six months.  

These appointments begin with a professionally trained dental hygienists cleaning and polishing your teeth. This will remove any traces of hardened tartar and minimize minor dental stains. Dr. Lien Ngo will then examine your mouth for any early signs of tooth decay, gum disease, or developing oral health problems.

If she finds an area of concern Dr. Lien Ngo will help you understand your treatment options. This might include applying preventive measures such as a fluoride treatment or applying dental sealants. These measures can help reduce your chances of suffering from tooth decay between your regularly scheduled dental checkups.

Should she find an abnormality in your mouth or throat that could be linked to developing oral or pharyngeal cancer, she will refer you to a specialist for further diagnosis and treatment.

If you live in the West Sacramento, California, area and you are concerned about your teeth, gums, or some other aspect of your mouth you should call 916-372-7022 to schedule a dental checkup at Dentistry Today.